About Us

Thank you for visiting 'Weddings by Lumi' - here is a bit about us so you know who the team behind creating your Wedding Stationery is...
First question, what is Lumi? Lumi is Finnish for 'Snow' - and here is why...
In 2018, our family headed to Lapland - myself (Frances), my husband (Oly) and our then 8 year old daughter (Leah) to visit the big guy in red himself. The plane landed, and our hearts were taken - a beautiful country, steeped in tradition and family values. Snow falling like glitter and smiles so big, bigger than we ever thought possible - the joy on our daughter's face was priceless.
That snow, that 'Lumi', holds such a special place in our hearts and reflects our ethos as a family, which is directly then carried through to our business. 'Weddings by Lumi' and our sister brand 'Love Lumi' were created to directly reflect our passion and dedication to creating gifts and stationery that will both celebrate and resonate with those that mean the most to you.
Love Lumi has been created from our family, and continues to be carried forward by us and our wonderful team. We are not new - we have been creating and designing since 2006 since I began creating wedding stationery (I still have a folder of samples to remind me of how it started!) around a university course.
The 'Lumi' brand is our next chapter, previously Dreams to Reality, that represents our business now, and for the future. We will keep on creating, keep on seeking something different and extra special.
Meet the Team
Here is an introduction to our team who help create your Wedding Stationery and Accessories from start to finish:
Frances & Oly: Owners ~ Frances began the journey creating wedding stationery and was later joined (after a lengthy interview process!) by her now husband Oly. Together they run the business, always on the look for new products to create and working closely with the team on a day to day business.

Sophie: Customer Service ~ Sophie is your first port of call for any queries or ‘just in case’ questions - happy to help and happy to advise, a friendly answer awaits.

Nicole: Designer ~ Nicole is our wonderful designer who gets stuck into all our new product ranges, as well as creating our beautiful product photographs - working alongside Frances they bring to you all the products you see in our store.

Lizzie: UV Machinist ~ Lizzie runs our 4 UV printers, used to create all of our gorgeous colour printed products and signage. Not a vinyl sticker in sight, your orders are printed by state of the art machinery all carefully overseen by Lizzie.

Jack: Laser Machinist ~ Jack looks after and runs our 4 laser machines (3 CO2 and a fibre machine) creating all of your beautiful engraved products, from glassware and wood to metal and acrylics.

Debbie, Giselle, Helen, Sarah & Jan: Our epic team of typesetters, makers and packers ~ They really keep the wheels turning and work super hard to cut, assemble, create and pack all of your beautiful stationery and accessory orders safely ready to hit the road.